White Supremacist Pam Geller Is Losing Her F*cking Mind After PayPal Stops Her Gravy Train

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Pam Geller is an Islamaphobic blogger who has promoted racist ideals for too long, and Paypal wants nothing to do with her. As a part of its purge of white supremacist sites following the events in Charlotesville, Paypal sent Geller a letter informing her that they had reviewed her website and that due to the “nature of [her] activities” were discontinuing her service. They also kindly asked her to remove all mention of Paypal and Paypal logos from her site.

In true white supremacist snowflake style, Geller was outraged to find out that Paypal’s “terms of service” actually apply to her, and posted the letter to her Twitter feed claiming that the “Leftists are running amok, just like pre-war Germany” and asking her followers to boycott PayPal:


We are sure that the loss of all five of Geller’s deluded followers will be devastating to the folks at Paypal.

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And if her statement about pre-war Germany is referring to good people standing up against racism and hate in an attempt to keep millions of innocent people from being slaughtered by fear-mongering white supremacist groups then we would certainly hope there are similarities. Remind us how that is a bad thing again?


Here’s the thing, Ms. Geller. You’re an idiot. A hateful, bigoted one who uses your website to promote racism and deluded conspiracy theories about Muslims. Unfortunately for us, your right to freedom of speech allows you to spout this ridiculous bullsh*t all over your personal pages. But it does NOT mean that privately owned businesses such as Paypal have to allow you to use their services. That is not ‘leftists running amok’. That is the free market system that you and your buddies on the right seem so fond of promoting.

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