Gun Nuts Hold Protest…Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

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On Monday, gun-rights supporters gathered at Pennsylvania’s capitol in Harrisburg. A “Make the Second Amendment Great Again” rally brought together state lawmakers, sheriffs and gun rights enthusiasts for the annual event. House Speaker Mike Turzai, a Republican expected to run for governor next year, bragged at the event about Republicans blocking anti-gun legislation.

Rosco Bickel, a 65-year-old attendee, stated:

The right to defend yourself is a God-given right. It is not even given by man.

Does this go for atheist gun supporters, too, Rosco? What about Muslim gun carriers? I thought religion and weapons were, in part, to blame for the Muslim-hating mentality. Those boys (and girls) just make no sense. They want to tote guns because their god told them to, but when Muslims do the same damn thing, they get their panties twisted. Then again, no one ever accused these types of espousing the equality-for-all mentality.

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Speakers at yesterday’s very important rally advocated eliminating Pennsylvania’s criminal background checks for gun buyers and letting people carry concealed weapons without permits, which are currently required. What could possibly go wrong? I know I will sleep better at night knowing that any lunatic can carry a gun and nobody even knows that they have it.

The sponsor of a constitutional carry bill , Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Allegheny, told those at the rally not to become complacent. His bill would allow anyone eligible to own a gun to carry it secretly, doing away with the permits that are currently required. Wolf’s office said he is opposed to the constitutional carry and background checks bills as well.

‘While we sleep, the other side works night and day to try and take away our constitutional rights,’ Saccone warned the crowd.

These idiots act as though they are being persecuted by those who just want to see some sensible gun laws. They already have the right to own guns, but they don’t want to have to get permits. Why is it wrong to ask that a person prove they know how to handle a gun before they get to carry it in public? Why is it infringing on rights if we identify those who may pose possible risks to the public if they own firearms? Shouldn’t we vet gun owners as strictly as we do our licensed drivers?

The actual persecuted party is the one made up of all those who have been maimed or killed due to irresponsible gun owners.

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