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Orrin Hatch Says GOP ‘Shot Their Wad On Healthcare’ And Twitter Can’t Even

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In an interview with Politico Monday morning, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah spoke out against the GOP’s failure to pass a new healthcare bill, stating that they blew their chance when it comes to healthcare reform and that they are now moving on to a tax reform bill. Stated Hatch:

We’re not going back to health care. We’re in tax now. As far as I’m concerned, they shot their wad on health care and that’s the way it is.

As Hatch’s office later pointed out via their official Twitter account, to “shoot your wad” is apparently an old Civil War term meaning to do all that you can, and is referring to the material used to plug guns back in those days.


So he was not meaning to say what everyone who was born after 1895 thinks that phrase means?


We get it, Senator Hatch is realllyyy old. But surely he is not “fought in the Civil War” old. That would make him about 170.

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No matter his age, people seem to agree on one thing: nobody wanted to hear Mr. Hatch utter the words “shot their wad.” Not ever.


And many just felt really, really sorry for Hatch’s PR team, who are now responsible for cleaning up the mess that was made by his proverbial “wad.”


Bet they never expected this when they signed on to work for the Republican Senator from Utah. Is “shooting your wad” even legal in that state? Maybe one of them should introduce Senator Hatch to “Urban Dictionary” before he makes any further compromising statements that leave us all trying to forget a troubling mental picture.

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