Organizer Of The White Supremacist Rally That Left Three Dead Blames Government For Violence

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Jason Kessler, organizer of the recent “Unite the Right” rally has decided that the violence that occurred is because of the Charlottesville’s government and police. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was a White Supremacist rally.

Yes, you read that right. This racist fucking prick is blaming everything on government officials and the police because they:

Failed to maintain law and order by protecting the First Amendment rights of the participants of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally.

Kessler went on to spout more bullshit about the police not keeping the two groups separated, they were “poorly equipped for the situation”, and they forced demonstrators out of Emancipation Park into a confrontation with counter protesters. Oh and apparently the demonstrators were victimized by the counter protesters who were carrying pepper spray and weapons.

Of course, he doesn’t mention that officials and law enforcement didn’t want the demonstration held there because of the size of the group and the small size of the park. Law enforcement knew it would be difficult to keep the two groups separated in this park. However, they wouldn’t listen and took the case to court, where a judge ruled in favor of the demonstrators.

Gee, I wonder why there were issues? But of course, it’s everyone else’s fault, not his.

You’re sucking at life, Kessler. You might want to fix that shit.

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