Oops! Fox News Just Proved Trumpsters Are As Dumb As A Box Of Rocks (VIDEO)

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Nashville’s Trump rally Wednesday brought a trickle of Trump cultists gravitating towards their American Allah in the name of misplaced patriotism. Still, Nashville Municipal Auditorium was left largely unfilled.

The campaign style rally for the president who never stops stumping was a greatest hits medley of “Lock Her Up” chants, “Make America Great Again” hats made in “CHYYNAHH!!!” and promises made bigly. Fox “News” commentator and David Schwimmer look-alike, the self aggrandizing Jesse Watters, wandered the crowds outside to take the pulse of the people, as if this group of lolly gags was representative of how the rest of the country feels about our president. One thing is certain. Trump supporters are stereotyped for a reason.

This Patrick Star sounding fella (via SpongeBob SquarePants) was beside himself with excitement.

See what we mean?

And this Trump Bot, of course, regurgitates the fake news media narrative.

On Fox’s Facebook page, the comments associated with these conservative quips are awash in anti-Obama, anti-Democratic sentiment.

The elderly will depend on that Social Security even more now that some of them might lose Meals on Wheels!

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This person is so concerned with IQ and laying the SmackDown and Alex Jones and Fox News and being pro-American he forgot to use punctuation and so did I because it’s so difficult to remember commas when you’re trying to Make America Great Again.

The media is Trump’s “number enemy”?  I, myself, have disdain for the number 5.

Finally, a voice of reason among the noise. Actually, the Fox News Facebook comment section was awash in folks criticizing the president. Of course, they were shouted down as snowflakes, sheeple and an assortment of other rehashed attempts at offensive name calling. When it comes to bullying and buying lies, Trump fans have learned it-and heard it-from the best.

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