Cops Call Bullsh*t On Right-Wing Media Claims That Thousands Attended ‘Million Canadian Deplorables March’

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What is with the right-wing’s compulsive need to lie about crowd size? It’s really, really pathetic. First, the president of the United States lied and his administration lied about the number of people who attended his inauguration. Then conservatives across America started lying about the number of attendees at their various pro-Trump rallies. And now even right-wing Canadians are trying to feed their supporters the same bullshit–but the police are calling them out.

The Daily Caller and Breitbart published articles claiming “thousands” of pro-Trump supporters turned up at the “Million Canadian Deplorables March” in Ottawa, Canada recently. The Daily Caller “reported”:

They might not achieve one million participants, but the numbers were already building toward an anticipated 5,000 Saturday morning. As one organizer, Mike Waine put it: ‘I was hoping for a million but I guess this will do.’

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Yeah, so, it turns out, that was a complete and utter load of nonsense. Ottawa Police Constable Marc Soucy told The Daily Beast,”We average about two or three (demonstrations) a day. It would be like Washington D.C. for you guys. This one would be on the small side for sure.” Soucy went on to say that there were nowhere near 5,000 people at the rally’s gathering spot,”There were less than 100 [at Ottawa’s Confederation Park].”

The Parliamentary Protection Services were a little bit more forgiving and said that the crowd was maybe 400-500 people, but still, nowhere near the thousands of people “reported” by right-wing media outlets.

It’s just…sad. These morons are so insecure, they have to spout easily disproved nonsense to their supporters. And what is worse is that their readers believe this shit, just like they did when Spicey claimed Trump had the biggest crowds at his inauguration ever in the history of ever. These people truly live in an alternate reality with alternate facts and unfortunately, our crazy in America is now seeping into our neighbor’s country.

I’m sorry, Canada. We are embarrassed by them too.

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