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Olbermann Slams Trump For Being Putin’s Puppet (VIDEO)

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Three new Russia-Trump connections, say Keith Olbermann, “put a disloyal maniac in the starring role in ‘The Trumpchurian Candidate.'” The question at hand is: is Trump a Russian Agent? The answer may lie in the myriad of connections between Russia, Putin, Trump, and Trump’s staff, servers, and campaign rhetoric.

The FBI is aware of these connections. They are claiming they don’t see a link. Even though James Comey, FBI Director has actually argued that it was too close to the election to release information about Russia meddling with our election (which would only hurt Trump). Yet, Comey had no problem announcing possibly semi-pertinent emails for which they had not even yet gotten a warrant to look at just a week before the election.

Mother Jones covered the spy that has directly communicated information to the FBI linking Russia to “co-opt and assist” Trump. The LA Times has covered the investigation into Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager. And Business Insider covered the entire Russia/Trump direct server with communication patterns link.

Yet, the FBI still sees no connection? That is, no connection they are willing to talk about, because it could influence the outcome of this presidential race (against Trump).

As Olbermann says, in his closer, there may be one flaw in calling Trump a “paid Russian agent”:

“‘I think if Donald Trump were paid Russian agent he could not do more harm this country than he is doing now’ and that flaw is Trump may not be a paid Russian agent. He may just be stupid enough or disloyal enough or anti-democracy enough or just evil enough to be doing it for free.”

Watch the video here, courtesy of Youtube:


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