Oklahoma Public High School Hires A Religious Zealot To Lecture On Sex Ed And It’s 1950 Again

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Jenks High School in Oklahoma recently booked a sex-ed speaker, Shelly Donahue, to speak to the entire senior class about responsible sex. However, there was nothing responsible in the assembly because the speaker turned out to be a Christian lecturer who teaches abstinence.

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Rob Loeber, a spokesman for the school district, stated that intent of the assembly was to fulfill a state requirement to share information with students about HIV and AIDS. However, the assembly was supposed to be secular, not faith-based.

She gave assurances to our administrators that her presentation would be secular, not religious. Regrettably, she did not adhere to those standards. Some of her comments strayed outside the realm of sex education or AIDS education. Those statements certainly would not be echoed or endorsed by Jenks Public Schools. Because of those misrepresentations, Ms. Donahue will not be asked to return.

Not only did Shelly Donahue only discuss abstinence, she decided to demean the girls at the lecture to make her point. According to a student in attendance, a direct quote was, “Do you know why girls are so desperate and always text guys first? Two words: Daddy. left.”

On the student’s Facebook page, she writes of the lecture:

How dare our school allow a statement so demeaning to girls and so belittling of broken families to be presented to a class of such impressionable and already insecure seniors . Daddy leaving is a life changing and heartbreaking situation, but to stereotype and undermine girls by calling them desperate for having the confidence to text a guy first is SO OUT OF LINE.

Ah, shame the kids into submission! It seems that most religions revolve heavily around shame. What’s shameful is teaching a bunch of teenagers that the only way to avoid AIDS it to abstain; Or that their “daddy issues” lead to heathen sex. Abstinence-only-or-God-may-smite-you education may work for 17 and 18-year-olds indoctrinated in the Christian faith, but this wasn’t a church or a private school. This was a public school where your religion is invalid.

The school district had no excuse when they booked Shelly Donahue. The first message on her site reads:

She is passionately committed to Jesus Christ as the ultimate answer to the teen sexual activity problem in America. As a motivational speaker and a leading sex education expert, she is making a significant impact for the Kingdom of God!

So, one must wonder if the district did their research on the message being delivered, or only researched the prices of various speakers. Any price they paid for her steaming pile of horse shit was far too much.

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  1. So tax dollars were spent on this steaming pile of manure. Nice job, Jenks High School. Way to handle the public’s money. Not.

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