Obama’s Friends Reveal Exactly What He Thinks Of Trump

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It’s no secret that President Obama does not like Donald Trump. However, always the gentleman, Obama did everything he could to make the new president comfortable and prepared for his job after the election. And since the bombastic (alleged) billionaire has assumed his position as (it’s so hard for me to say this) commander-in-chief, his predecessor has been relatively quiet, but that doesn’t mean President Obama hasn’t told people exactly what he thinks about America’s Biggest Mistake.

According to two of Obama’s close friends, Trump called the former president on election night and claimed to have a lot of “respect” for him. While detailing the conversation to his pals in November, Obama summed up his feelings for Trump:

He’s nothing but a bullshitter.

Yes, yes he is.

We all know that Trump has absolutely no respect for anyone other than himself. And while he has an extraordinarily shitty human being to most people, he was especially terrible to Obama. The current president shored up a base by claiming Obama was really born in Africa and his birth certificate is a fake. During the campaign, he referred to the former president as the “founder of ISIS.” And since he assumed office he has accused Obama of “wire tapps” of Trump Tower and all sorts of other nonsense. CLEARLY, he doesn’t actually respect the 44th president of the United States.

But that’s okay because none of us respect Trump.

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