NRA Nutjob Attacks School Bus Full Of Terrified Students (Video)

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After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the National Rifle Association stayed pretty much silent for days. The fact is that the NRA has pushed their “Second Amendment” issue to the point where our society has become inundated with rabid, gun-toting lunatics that are paranoid that everyone is out to get them. To them, acceptable protest is to just kill anyone that crosses their path.

People are literally crazy.

It came as quite a shock the other day, though, when 68-year-old Leverne Ardin Doran began attacking a moving school bus full of children near Baltimore, Maryland. The driver remained calm, ordering the man to get off the bus and keeping the door locked to protect the students. The video soundtrack recorded several screaming students in the background as the driver guides the bus along the busy road trying to get the man to let go and stop pounding on the bus.

The incident started when a student either threw a bottle out of the bus, or more likely, kids were playing keep-away with a bottle and it flew out an open window while Doran’s vehicle was next to the bus in traffic. The elderly man, Doran, then got out of his vehicle and tried to gain access to the bus. He was violent and angry, so the driver’s first thought was to protect the children. Much of the incident was caught on video and can be seen below. From Baltimore County police Sgt. Andrea Bylen:

A school bus traveling from Loch Raven Middle School was in traffic. It was sitting next to another vehicle. Allegedly, a bottle of some sort was thrown out of the bus toward that vehicle. At that point, the driver of that vehicle got out of his vehicle.

Doran was arrested without incident by an off-duty police officer who saw the strange attack. It is still unclear what, if anything, was actually thrown at or hit Doran’s car.

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What is distinctive about the man is that he is violent, angry, out of control, and wearing an NRA baseball cap. The cap might not seem like a big thing, but what if he had a firearm? What if he had just started shooting students instead of beating up on the bus? What if he had shot the driver while the bus was moving?

The policies of the NRA have promoted this type of behavior as acceptable.

It. Is. Not. Acceptable.

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