NRA Is Upset Because The Media Calls Guns ‘Weapons’

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So apparently we can’t call guns “weapons,” since that’s an example of “media bias” (read that in the whiniest voice you can muster) and it gets the knickers of the NRA in a twist.

Now, you might ask why you should give a damn about what the NRA thinks. And that’s a good question I don’t have an answer for.

At any rate, the knickers in question belong to NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield, who went off on a tear against the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for reporting on fears that college students would get drunk and use firearms recklessly. After all, this is Georgia. We won’t show you how to use a condom in school, but we’ll sure as hell let you fondle a phallic extender as soon as you’re old enough to walk.

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Stinchfield zeroed in on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s use of the word “weapon” as an example of “media bias.” No, really. According to these Orwellian tools, calling things what they are is doubleplusungood:

It’s their use of the word weapon that has me bewildered. The reporter uses ‘weapons’ in place of firearms or guns so many times, it just becomes bizarre. Here, ‘Fears of gun owners getting drunk and firing their weapons.’ I firmly believe she uses the phrase weapons over firearms in an effort to scare the uninformed.

That might be because “weapon” is the legal and dictionary definition of a gun, but let’s not let something as inconsequential as facts get in the way. There’s kvetching that needs doing.

Of course, Stinchfield later goes on to undermine his own vacuous claim, noting the reporter is right to use the word weapon (since Georgia calls its open carry permits “weapon carry licenses”), but he quickly tried to salvage his thesis in the stupidest way possible:

I don’t like that name at all. To me, the military carries weapons, guns carried for offensive purposes. I carry a firearm, a tool used for self-defense. To me, it is actually a very important distinction.

Talk about special pleading.

This Mandelbrot set of stupid perfectly defines the NRA worldview, too. “It’s different when I do it because having a gun makes me a special snowflake! It’s different, I swear!”

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You can watch the video below.

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