NPR Destroys Senator Cassidy On His Own Bill After He Calls Them Liars On Twitter

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Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) just can’t seem to stop lying to the American public. First, he got into a very public fight with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel after he promised Kimmel that he would make sure all Americans had access to affordable health coverage and then introduced a bill that did the opposite. Now, he is fighting with NPR, one of the most well-respected news agencies in our country.

Cassidy’s latest fight started when NPR read through the senator’s bill and broke it down for people on Twitter:

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Angry that NPR was telling the American people the truth about the bill, Cassidy shot back:

This proved to be a YUGE mistake. NPR did not take kindly to a senator calling them liars and dropped bomb after bomb about his atrocious bill:

Senator Cassidy, of course, has not responded to NPR’s beatdown as of this writing.

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