Anonymous Coward Posts White Nationalist Fliers At Oklahoma College

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Racism has been discovered in deep red Oklahoma. Can you believe it? Clutch the pearls! Who’d have thought?

A flier in Stillwater, OK, admonishes pedestrians not to “give in to hate.” That sounds cool, except it’s referring to the “hatred” of not loving your own (white) race. “Embrace White Identity Today” exclaims this telephone pole spam.

Which “white identity” are they referring to? Richard Spencer? Adolf Hitler? Stephan Paddock? Donald Trump? I’m a bit confused and I’m white, so can’t imagine what people of color are thinking when they see this.

Fortunately, the flier has a link to a website that explains it all to us. I’m not linking it here because I don’t want to direct traffic to Nazi filth, but there’s a video of a man explaining how “the blacks” and Latinos aren’t as smart as white people. It goes on to provide details of their master plan: to make white people the majority in the U.S.

Huh? What? Wow, that’s quite an endeavor. How will you possibly achieve this? I’m sure the rest of the video is riveting but I couldn’t stomach any more of it.

Make no mistake: The Right, the Alt-Right, the Republican Party, the Neo-Nazis, the White Supremacists, whatever you want to call them, have descended into an abyss of fake news, false information, perma-ignorance, and a world of Alice in Fatherland alt-reality. Failing to mount policy based on reason and rationale, they have fallen into a fake world of fake facts with fake hopes and fake dreams. This in the onset of political dementia and it’s not a pretty sight.

As for the person or persons who posted the fliers? If they really were the “master race” they think they are, they would have done it in broad daylight instead o sulking around in the dark like punks. Just saying.

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