Norman Rockwell’s Granddaughter Slams Racist Ripoff Of Legendary Civil Rights Painting

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Wednesday night, Abigail Rockwell, the granddaughter of iconic artist Norman Rockwell saw an insulting ripoff of her grandfather’s work and delivered a withering criticism of the jackass sullying a true piece of American history:

You see, a few days earlier, Belleville News Democrat’s conservative editorial cartoonist Glenn McCoy got the brilliant idea in his head to compare billionaire Betsy DeVos to Ruby Bridges, the little girl immortalized in Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With.

What he’s trying to accomplish here is obvious: He’s comparing the loathing liberals have for Betsy DeVos to the loathing conservative white people had for Ruby Bridges. Intolerance is intolerance right? No, seriously, that’s exactly how he meant it:

I’m surprised that you see ‘hate’ in this cartoon when I thought I was speaking out against hate. It’s a woman passively walking while being protected from angry protesters. Isn’t that what went down the other day when DeVos visited a school to do her job? You may disagree with her on issues but I didn’t see any hate coming from her. I did, however see hate going in the other direction which is what made me think of the Rockwell image. That was the only comparison I was drawing. The level of toxicity in today’s political climate has reached ridiculous levels.

This is the little game conservatives play where the burning hatred the right has for minorities is just like the disgust the left feels for the right’s greed, intolerance and bigotry. It’s how they make themselves feel better about being awful people; if the left is just as awful, well, then it’s not bad to be terrible human being!

But, for real? Fuck McCoy and fuck his insipid cartoon. This isn’t just a matter of a political disagreement.

Liberals and a lot of other people across the political spectrum are angry that their children’s future will be under attack by DeVos. They know she does not have their best interests in mind. DeVos has spent her life destroying public education and leaving large swaths of her home state of Michigan without proper schooling. And that was her exact goal. She’s a religious fanatic that despises public education because it does not teach a fundamentalist Christian worldview. DeVos is a Creationist that will undermine the teaching of evolution and other real science in favor of religious gobbledygook and, unsurprisingly, a lot of parents are not happy about a Bible-thumper shoving her religion down the throats of their children. They’re also afraid she’ll simply strip their children of the necessary funds to receive a decent education as she pushes the already failed experiment of charter schools.

On the other hand, conservatives hated Ruby Bridges because of the color of her skin. That’s it. Nothing else. Comparing the two is obnoxious in the extreme, a way to paint DeVos and conservatives as the victims and paint the left as the same kind of hate-filled monsters conservatives have been for generations.

Aside from Abigail, the Twitterverse  did not take kindly to McCoy’s bullshit:

There’s a lot of people expressing their disgust with McCoy’s insulting take on poor, oppressed Betsy but this last one is my favorite because it says everything:


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