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Nikki Haley Complained About Her Job On The 4th Of July–It Did Not End Well

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Niki Haley chose the wrong day to complain about her job on social media. Haley, who is the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, sent out this tweet on July 4th complaining about being stuck in meetings all day due to the latest North Korean missile launch:


Many on Twitter were unsympathetic with Haley’s plight, pointing out that serving her country is the entire point of her job, and she should be happy to do it—especially on July 4th.


And even posted her a job description in case she had forgotten what she signed up for:


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They asked what she thought all of the service men and women spending the 4th away from their families, and pointed out that attempting to save the world from nuclear war was probably a good reason for her to miss her BBQ or whatever it was she had planned,

And chided her for insinuating that the whole thing was about her and her plans, stating that Kim Jong-un probably planned it that way on purpose in order to spoil her long weekend,


Sorry, Ms. Haley, but it doesn’t look like your ignorant tweet gained you any sympathy from the hard-working people of this nation, many of whom are only slightly more terrified of the maniacal leader of N. Korea than they are of your current boss. Who, incidentally, spent HIS weekend golfing.  Again.


Maybe you should take any future grievances about working on holidays up with him.

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  1. It was an inconvenience to her when she was governor of SC, why shouldn’t it be an inconvenience now when she has to deal with the rest of the world?

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