NFL Player’s Father Was Just Punished For His Son’s Decision To “#TakeAKnee”

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We’re all familiar with “sins of the father,” but have you ever heard the phrase “sins of the son?” It’s one that Akeem Spence, a defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, became familiar with after his father ended up losing a contract as a result of Spence’s decision to participate in the “Take A Knee” protest last Sunday.

To be clear here, Spence did absolutely nothing wrong. He wasn’t protesting the National Anthem or the troops or bald eagles, baseball, apple pie, and baby Jesus. He was protesting police brutality — and that protest cost his father a job.

Akeem tweeted on Thursday that his father, Floyd Spence, lost out on a potential job because of Akeem’s actions:

Akeem was one of eight players who took a knee during the National Anthem, but to reiterate since conservatives are denser than elemental Osmium, he was not a protesting the National Anthem or the flag. Spence even told the press on Wednesday that “no disrespect to the American flag” was intended, and added:

It’s about right and wrong, like I always say,” Spence said. “And what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. It’s no offense to nobody, no disrespect, just like I always tell people, love one another and we’ll be alright.

I have no idea how his father feels, but that’s beside any relevant point. It was Spence’s choice to kneel, so Spence alone should be the one to bear the burden. To attack his father for his actions is beyond petty.

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Good on Akeem for standing up for what’s right. And I hope his father can continue to find employment. Our society decided long ago you have to have a job to survive and by denying a person a job because you disagree with the actions of their child — my God. I can’t even call that atavistic. Chimpanzees have a better sense of right and wrong than modern right-wingers do.

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  1. This is like the bully who came across someone he can’t intimidate, so he harasses the kid brother instead. Bunch of freaking children, these wrong wingers.

  2. Well sense the right wing nuts are are playing the extended game of punishing family members for one persons actions, We should do the same in-fact we should expand it to their supporters too.

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