New York Will Offer Tuition-Free College To Poor People And It’s Really Ruffling Some Feathers

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Late Friday, New York became the largest state to offer tuition-free public higher education. The $163 billion state budget agreement includes the Excelsior Scholarship, which covers tuition for any New Yorker accepted to one of the state’s public colleges, provided their household earns less than $125,000 per year.

The scholarship program will be phased in over a three-year period. New Yorkers will qualify making up to $100,000 annually in the fall of 2017, increasing to $110,000 in 2018, and reaching $125,000 in 2019. Nearly one million families will qualify for the scholarship. This is a program we can all get behind. Everyone deserves a chance to get a higher education – it shouldn’t be a non-option for a student’s family’s inability to pay.

Governor Andrew Cuomo stated,

Today, college is what high school was — it should always be an option even if you can’t afford it. With this program, every child will have the opportunity that education provides.

It’s always refreshing when someone in power cares enough to get involved in our children’s futures. It’s not fair for low-income households to go into catastrophic debt for their children to receive a proper education. This idea is very progressive which really chaps some asses. These naysayers have clearly never valued any sort of education or they just can’t help themselves from nitpicking an ingenious plan.

Here’s one of those fools who think it’s terrible to spend money on anything that doesn’t directly benefit him. He doesn’t even consider that this could one day benefit a grandchild or two.

Eric doesn’t realize that a lot of these skilled trades are being replaced by technology.

These two are birds of a feather. Yes, there may be people who figure out ways to get under that line to provide education for their kids. Why focus on that? Surely, if they can quit working a couple of hours and be under that line, they need help paying for their education. There are just too many positives to be this damn negative. Degrees are earned, not bought. There are no cheap degrees, jerkface. Suppressing education is just one way to keep poor people poor.

Yes, we need degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, not everyone is cut out for these fields. To call out “women’s studies” as the bullshit degree really shows how misogynistic this person is. There are plenty of women who will seek those STEM degrees, as long as there aren’t assholes like this holding them back.

No matter the good news, there will be those who can’t see beyond their own noses to recognize it. This is why higher education is important – along with weeding out the idiots who can’t see a good opportunity, we need to get our children on a somewhat equal playing field. Access to an affordable education is a step in that direction.

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