Nazi Meth Head Gang Arrested In Florida

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Because it’s Florida, we can now marvel at the spectacle of a gang of five Nazis being arrested for guns, drugs, and grand theft auto:

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. – Five known felons were arrested in Pasco County after an undercover investigation unveiled countless illegal activities including hundreds of pages of American Nazi Family propaganda.

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies made the arrests on Tuesday after obtaining a search warrant for a property located at the 9200 block of Kiowa Drive in New Port Richey.

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When they were arrested, this gang of seig heiling nitwits, Alexander Nowokunski, 33, Gabrielle Price, 24, Steven Crumbley, 31, Melinda Zalneraitis, 47, and Michael Baun, 28, had quite the stash on them:

  • Hundreds of pages of American Nazi Family propaganda including rules, hierarchy, oaths, and more, deputies say
  • Hundreds of pages worth of miscellaneous bank account and additional personal identification information
  • Credit cards
  • Military IDs
  • State IDs
  • Veterans ID cards
  • Insurance cards
  • CIN #’s
  • Vehicle titles
  • Several items of drug paraphernalia including needles, bubbles, scales, spoons, etc.
  • Opiates
  • Approximately 12 grams of meth
  • Several gun holsters
  • Miscellaneous ammunition
  • Magazines
  • A Firestar 9 mm firearm
  • A High Point .45 ACP
  • A Glock 23
  • A rifle

Looks like they were trying to move up from petty theft and drug dealing to identity fraud and credit card scams. You have to admire the moxy.

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It’s interesting that Donald Trump and his band of white nationalist deplorables are so focused on Latino gangs like MS-13 when there’s perfectly fine white nationalist drug gangs to drop the hammer on. Sure, a lot of them are Trump supporters but Trump is all about “law and order” isn’t he?

Oh, right! I forgot! While gangs like MS-13 mean all Latino immigrants are probably dangerous and should be terrorized by the police, we can’t generalize about white nationalists no matter how many of them turn out to be violent animals.

That just wouldn’t be fair.


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