Mysterious Military Convoy Caught Driving Down Kentucky Interstate Flying Trump Flag

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This week, drivers on Kentucky’s Interstate 65 were treated to a rare sight: what appeared to be a military takeover of their state on behalf of President Are We Sure He’s Not a Nazi.

A convoy of eight desert tan-colored military vehicles, old style Humvees with all the trappings of a current Army truck, paraded down the freeway just before noon on Sunday, with a ninth lead vehicle bearing a giant Donald Trump campaign flag. None of the vehicles bore proper identification or even license plates.

First appearing on Indivisible Kentucky, a website for a group dedicated to resisting Trump and his policies, a video taken from inside a car traveling next to them shows four of the vehicles heading north toward the University of Louisville, just past Louisville International Airport. Obviously the sight alarmed other drivers enough to both capture video and to report it to local authorities.

Spokespeople from Fort Knox, the Kentucky National Guard, and even the Defense Department all disavowed the convoy. The DoD added that the vehicles may in fact have been surplus (purchased by “enthusiasts”), but remarking that of course it would be a military violation to even run the convoy without proper markings on the trucks, let alone to fly any flag declaring allegiance to anyone other than the United States of America.

A spokeswoman for the Army looked at pictures submitted of the convoy, but concluded they were too blurry to determine with authority if the trucks had ever been actual military. Likely these rigs are some play toys for armchair warriors outside the service.

An additional video initially circulating on Reddit made its way to the local news outlet, finally showing all nine trucks as they traveled in formation.

In a perfect world, those responsible for such a disturbing display of whatever it is they think patriotism means would face some kind of consequences for clearly intending to impersonate the military and intimidate other drivers by traveling in a convoy with their message of hate. But, of course, these “strong, fearless patriots” have not come forward and unfortunately, even if they did it’s unlikely they’d be punished for anything.

In the right-wing fantasies of Trump voters, our nation is held at gunpoint and forced to accept our fate as subjects in Trump’s America — you see it all day in comments on Facebook or news articles around the web. “You lost! Get over it!” Now they’re playing dress-up and pretending to be soldiers carrying out the wishes of their Dear Leader. I don’t think these G.I. Jokers know just how crazy they look.

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