Muslim Man Handcuffed And Searched By Police For Wearing Too Many Clothes

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If you are a Muslim, make sure you dress according to the weather – at least in London. A Muslim man discovered this the hard way when he was stopped, handcuffed and searched in the street by officers as he walked to a nearby mosque to pray.

The police claimed the unnamed man was stopped because the three layers of clothing he was wearing in the summer heat was cause for suspicion. An over-vigilant bigot A scared white female did indeed call the cops based on his “three layers” of clothes. To her, a Muslim wearing more clothes that she deemed necessary is automatically wearing a “body bomb.” She made sure to stick around and watch the officers go through all his clothing, while he was handcuffed on a busy city street in the middle of the day.

Thank all the gods that he wasn’t wearing a hoodie in Florida, amirite?

The man released a statement through Documenting Oppression Against Muslims  (DOAM):

I was rushing to Jummah Salat (Friday prayer) and, when I was near the Masjid (mosque) all of a sudden the police come and put handcuffs on me. The woman (who stopped me) — the undercover police officer said I was wearing too many clothes… but I was wearing two layers of clothes. The police falsely accused me of carrying a weapon. They searched me and found nothing as usual. They took my date of birth, address and name and they let me go

I’m sorry, dude. You were racially profiled. Maybe it’s religious profiling. Whatever it is, it’s happening way too often – both in the United States and overseas. Muslim doesn’t automatically equate to being a terrorist. The anti-Muslim rhetoric has to stop – people are crazy no matter religion preference. However, how do you stop something that our world leaders have deemed en vogue? At this point, it’s almost un-American, and apparently un-British, to accept Muslims as fellow citizens.

Beware all Muslims wearing “suspicious” clothing – or those just wearing any clothes in public anywhere.

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Watch this man deal with the cops’ bullshit. All he wanted to do was pray.

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