Trump Wants Mitch McConnell To Set The Senate On Fire…This Won’t End Well

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Donald Trump’s Tuesday morning tweet directed at the Senate was in reference to doing away with its legislative filibuster regarding his tax reform and healthcare bills. He is wanting ole Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option to get these bills passed and right away.

What the idiot fails to realize is that both bills are expected to move through Congress via reconciliation which would only require 50 votes, instead of 51. A refresher civics class should be in order for the man leading this country.

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And, there it is. Trump almost always tries to sway ignorant supporters with the argument, “Democrats do it, so why can’t we?” Except it only seems to work when people stand to be harmed. You will almost never see them use that argument when it comes to social programs designed to help people. To be fair, Harry Reid did get rid of the filibuster, but only for judges NOT on the Supreme Court. *ahem* Gorsuch *ahem* McConnell

Last April, Mitch McConnell told reporters:

Who would be the biggest beneficiary of that right now? It would be the majority, right? There’s not a single senator in the majority who thinks we ought to change the legislative filibuster. Not one.

However, now things have changed and Trump is in office. Trump has crowned himself the king, and expects everyone to jump to his every command. When asked about the nuclear option earlier today, Antonia Ferriera, a McConnell representative, stated:

Senator McConnell agrees that both health care and tax reform are essential, and that is why Republicans in Congress are using the reconciliation process to prevent a partisan filibuster of these two critical legislative agenda items.

Trump tries to change the rules when nothing works legislatively for him. The GOP has the majority in both houses and he still sucks…bigly. There are many senators who are not going to take this declaration well, many Republicans aren’t even on board with the proposed health care bill. I hope Democrats remember this in 2018 when they have the chance to flip the tables on the monster – if he is still in office, that is.

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