Minnesota Man Arrested 28 Times For Drunk Driving–Still Had Drivers License

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Danny Lee Bettcher was pulled over in Minnesota for driving drunk. When he was pulled over, he was driving between 10 – 15 miles per hour down a highway swerving all over the roadway. He refused his field sobriety test at the scene, telling the cops not to bother because he knew he was over the limit.

Being arrested for drinking and driving is nothing new for Bettcher. The latest arrest was his 28th. Yes, the man has been arrested 28 times for putting everyone on the road around him in danger, including himself. The real kick to the groin? He was driving on a legal, restricted license. That’s right. He could drive legally as long as he wasn’t drinking or doing drugs.

What sort of f*ckery is this?

Assistant County Attorney Jacob Thompson said that if convicted of his latest charge, Bettcher’s maximum sentence is seven years, with two-thirds of that time spent in jail, and the rest would be on supervised release. He could also serve another five years of probation. He has already spent four years in prison for a prior drunken driving offense and has been ordered into treatment at least a dozen times. Obviously, he did not take his treatment seriously.

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While men like Bettcher are driving around, threatening lives, Minnesota’s House is busy trying to pass anti-abortion bills to stop the “murder of babies.” They have passed two anti-abortion bills that would more strictly regulate abortion facilities and ban taxpayer funding for low-income women seeking abortions. The governor has threatened to veto these bills, but the GOP’s agenda is clear: it should be as difficult as possible for women to choose what happens to their own bodies.

This is typical Republican hypocrisy. By all means, let a dangerous man on the roadways multiple times to threaten the lives of every driver around him. That’s a lot better than allowing women to freely choose if they want a lifelong responsibility. What the hell are these lawmakers thinking?

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