Mika Brzezinski Just CAN’T EVEN After Kellyanne Conway’s Microwave Spy Comments

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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was rendered almost speechless after reviewing Kellyanne Conway’s assertion that microwaves are now used in the spy game.

After reviewing Kellyanne’s statement that, “One can be surveilled in any number of techniques: through microwaves, through cameras, through televisions,” Brzezinski was left silent for a solid moment while she stared blankly into the camera.

After she gained her composure, Brzezinski went on with her commentary of Conway’s off-the-wall claims.

I just want to stay as far away as possible from trying to engage with someone who seems to have an audience of one who might not have the country’s best interests in mind. I’ll just put it that way.

That was a very neutral way of saying what we all want to say: Kellyanne Conway is just a puppet for Trump. It is evident in her diversion tactics and outlandish claims of spying microwaves. We just wish news outlets would quit talking to her forever.

We applaud you, Mika. Keep fighting the good fight.

Watch Kellyanne Conway beat a professional into a moment of silence:

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