Mika Brzezinski Is Back Again With The Hilarious Trump Attacks

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Morning Joe has never been my favorite morning show, I will admit. I think Joe Scarborough is an asshat who abuses his co-host and constantly mansplains. In turn, Mika Brzezinski acts like she has no voice and allows him to walk all over it. Like a stereotypical white girl who drinks a lot of Starbucks lattes, I just can’t even and more often than not I have to turn the channel in rage because I can’t believe this is allowed on MSNBC–the “liberal” network. However, recently, Mika has found her voice and she has decided it is best used by telling her viewers what a terrible person Donald Trump is.

Last week, the Republican presidential candidate had a full-on Twitter meltdown (SHOCKING!) after Mika hammered one of his supporters, Pastor Mark Burns. The African-American pastor refused to answer her question about whether or not Trump was a racist and the billionaire was pissed. He couldn’t believe she had the nerve to do her job and then started calling her lots of names. Trump’s meltdown didn’t intimidate her, though and on Monday morning she attacked him again.

During a segment about Dwyane Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge, who was killed in Chicago recently, Joe Scarborough asked ,“What kind of sickness infects the mind?” after Trump exploited her death for votes. Mika responded by pummeling the Republican:

 “Let’s just take this seriously at this point — at other stages at other campaigns, a network might be snarky and get a psychologist out. I actually think it’s time to hear from somebody in the mental health community to look at this person who’s been on television for months and give us a sense of what we have going on here. And, I’m sorry, let’s stop pretending — we’re dealing with someone who we can completely understand. When you see somebody with problems, you know it.”


She isn’t wrong; Donald Trump definitely needs help. He is the biggest narcissist to ever run for president. When something tragic happens in this country — like Aldrige’s murder or the Pulse massacre — Trump latches onto other people’s pain and tries to use it to benefit himself. He is almost giddy with excitement when people die; how sick is that? Instead of running for president he should do exactly like the Morning Joe host suggests and go to a damn doctor.

As for Mika, bravo. I wish she’d use her voice to destroy Republicans every day.

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