Michael Flynn Is Telling The Senate Intel Committee To F*ck Off

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The Senate Intelligence Committee would really like to talk to Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn about his knowledge of Russian collusion. But once again, he’s telling them to f*ck off, which clearly means he’s super innocent.

CNN reported on Wednesday that Flynn “has refused a new request to appear as a witness before the Senate intelligence committee, a congressional source tells CNN.” This is actually the second time Flynn has given the intel committee the finger, as he “first declined to comply with a Senate subpoena in May, asserting his Fifth Amendment rights.”

The Senate intelligence committee is particularly interested in finding out specifics of his involvement with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign and during the transition. In addition, they have a few questions about the payments he received from foreign governments and accidentally forgot to disclose.

The House intelligence committee has also subpoenaed Flynn regarding his shady Russian ties. However, he has decided to ignore their requests as well.

Flynn was ousted from the Trump administration in February after he was busted meeting with the Russian ambassador. Since then, he has found himself at the center of multiple investigations into Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election by both houses of Congress and special investigator Robert Mueller.


Flynn reportedly handed over a slew of some 600 documents in June after the Senate intel committee issued two subpoenas, including both business records and personal documents. He has tried to cut deals with both the House and Senate intelligence committees, offering his testimony in exchange for immunity. Unfortunately for him, neither committee has taken him up on the offer.

According to CNN, Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr has indicated that “the committee has ruled out considering Flynn’s request for immunity to testify before the committee.”

Because, that’s what innocent people do, right? They hide from investigators and try to cut deals for immunity. Sounds totally legit.

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