Two Friendly Nuns Are Trapping Their Neighbors’ Pets And Dumping Them Elsewhere

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One would think that having a pair of nuns for neighbors would be a good, right? Not so in this Cirtus Heights, California neighborhood, where residents claim that two nuns have been trapping their house cats and “relocating” them to an undisclosed location off of Interstate 80.

Ahem. Seriously?

According to a resident who wants to remain anonymous due concerns about the nuns, her own cat had been missing for about a month when she happened to see one of her neighbor’s cats caught in a trap in the nuns’ back yard:

And I looked through the fence to my neighbor’s yard and I see a black cat in a trap.

She then put two and two together and confronted the ladies in black about her own missing cat. She claimed the nuns admitted to trapping her cat and dumping it along Interstate 80 but reasoned that it was no big deal because she could just go pick it up again anytime:

From what I gathered from my discussion that morning was they dumped him, and her reasoning was the owners may get the cats and bring them back

Apparently, it is now okay to steal something as long as the person you are stealing from is able to search for and reclaim the item at some point in the future.

Area police seemed befuddled when choosing between Jesus and the actual laws of the State of California. They agree that stealing other people’s pets and dumping them somewhere is frowned upon, but are hesitant to charge the nuns with any wrongdoing. What if their Catholic Grandmother were to get word that they has arrested two sweet little nuns? According to Officer Anthony Boehle of the Citrus Heights Police Department,

Certainly trapping these cats, or any animal in your backyard is not recommended, right? No it’s not and it can be risky.

What kind of risk are we talking about here, Officer Boehle? A “‘you may get scratched” kind of risky or the “eternal damnation for violating one of the Ten Commandments” kind?

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