Massive Crowds Of Trump Supporters Turn Out To Protest Filthy Liberals (Sort Of)

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Well that settles it! All you liberals protesting Trump can pack it up and go home! The American people have spoken and their roar is deafening!

Well, maybe not deafening but it’s kind of loud.

Actually, it isn’t that loud but it’s at least noisy.

OK, it was more like a squeak than a roar but, dammit!, they mean business! All several hundred of them across the nation!

In the five weeks since his inauguration, many have started to worry that the populist energy that helped vault Mr. Trump to victory is being subsumed by the millions of critics who have rallied at airports, city squares and town hall-style meetings to protest his policies on immigration, health care, reproductive rights and more.

So on Monday, hundreds rallied across the country at statehouses and on courthouse steps to wave flags, listen to conservative speakers and stick up for a president who they say has been treated unfairly by the news media and his critics.

Yeah, you read that right: hundreds. As in, “less than a thousand.” Meanwhile, there are townhalls in lightly populated states drawing much larger crowds of protesters and tens to hundreds of thousands are marching every week all over the country, protesting Trump and the Republicans.

You’d think that with Trump’s alleged (in his own mind) super popularity, he could summon more counter-protesters. But it’s almost like Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters are still hiding in their mom’s basement sending dick pics to all the female celebrates they hate.

The New York Times, well past the point of caring what Trump and his imbecile followers think, trolled them about their…ahem…size problem on Twitter:

You almost have to feel bad for Trump supporters. They really thought winning the election meant that all those pesky liberals would stop showing up to yell at them for being horrible bigots. And that controlling Congress meant they could ban Muslims, strip women of their reproductive rights and fly the Confederate flag with impunity.

Fucking idiots. This is a left wing nation and they’re just a temporary aberration.

Pay attention, though. The right’s billionaire backers paid a lot of money to build up a phony “grassroots” movement once and it’s very likely that, faced with a real grassroots explosion on the left, they’ll try to start up their useful idiot machine again to protect their investment in a Republican-controlled Congress.

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