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Marco Rubio Tells Donald Trump To Shut The F*ck Up About The ‘Rigged Election’ Nonsense

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On Monday evening, Florida Senator Marco Rubio faced off against his Democratic rival Rep. Patrick Murphy in a debate. The incumbent senator was forced to talk about the one person all of the sane members of the Republican Party would like to ignore: Donald Trump.

For weeks Republican presidential nominee Trump has been pushing a conspiracy theory that the only way he could lose the election this November is if it is “rigged” against him. The loudmouth racist who once loved the polls, now thinks that they are showing him losing because the media is trying to convince his supporters not to bother showing up to vote for him. However, Rubio flat-out denied that this is the case during his debate:

This election is not being rigged. There is no evidence behind any of this, so this should not continue to be said. We have 67 counties in this state, each of which conduct their own elections. I promise you there is not a 67-county conspiracy to rig this election.

It is rather hilarious that Trump is trying to convince people that the Republican governors are going to allow massive election fraud to be committed in their states. It’s also funny that Trump continues to peddle this bullshit knowing that in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and virtually every other state controlled by the GOP, Voter ID laws are in place to prevent exactly that from happening. As a Florida voter I can attest to the strict identification process at the polls in my state, but  Führer Trump seems to have overlooked this massive detail.

It is clear hy Trump is saying that the election is rigged: he is losing. The bombastic nominee has an ego the size of Pangaea and can’t admit that he is probably not going to win this election because of his own mistakes. He chose a shitty strategy and now that is coming back to bite him the ass. But it’s sad that Republicans are now being forced to condemn their own candidate for his Alex Jones-esque lies.

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