Man Turns His Trump-Hate Into Awesome Comics

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Vincent Ramirez is just a normal Trump hater like the rest of us. He lives in Michigan and was a chef for 25 years. This former chef enjoyed drawing or doodling in his free time when he was much younger, and has been known to take an occasional request from his nieces. As life sometimes goes, he could never concentrate on drawing AND adulting, and put his hobby aside for over 20 years.

He picked up regular drawing again on January 20, 2017. No, that is certainly no coincidence. Mr. Ramirez felt himself getting more and more frustrated with our favorite person to hate and needed an outlet. He turned back to drawing. Since the inauguration, he has drawn roughly 109 political cartoons with Trump as the main subject. Sometimes, they may be of other stupid Republicans, but the theme is overall anti-Trump.

When asked about his political leanings, Ramirez stated,

I have never considered myself political at all but how any one cannot be political under the circumstances baffles me. I lean towards what’s correct or best, and in my honest opinion that’s what’s viewed as left or left wing and I am proud of it. Probably as proud as I’ve ever been of my cooking or art skills!

When he originally started doodling his political therapy, he intended to draw at least one cartoon every single day. However, because of several spinal cord surgeries in the past, his back pain sometimes prevents him from doing so. Instead, he draws when he is able and shares his imagination with friends on his personal Facebook page and in a political group also on Facebook. He has covered topics from Trump’s tweets to cutting funding for Meals on Wheels.

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Please take a moment to enjoy some of our favorite Ramirez cartoons*. It’s nice to see that Trump can inspire more than hate – that he can inspire people to turn to what they love.

If only it were possible to flash the Obama symbol to the night sky to save us all.

Hideous, absolutely hideous (definitely not a ten, as Trump himself would say), but it gets right to the point, doesn’t it?

Agent Orange has most definitely joined this rank in a lot of our minds!

Sad, but true.

This is just funny. I don’t care who you are.

I love everything about this.

I had to save the best one for last. I would wear it on a t-shirt.

I could list negative things about Darth Cheeto for hours – the positives, not so much. Along with high levels of activism Trump has inspired, it’s nice to see that people CAN take their frustrations over his ineptitude and turn them into something great. With all the bad news constantly bombarding us, sometimes we need to be reminded that there still are good things.

*All drawings used by permission of artist. Artist information provided by artist.

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