Man Sentenced For Threatening To Kill Obama And Conservatives Are Super Mad About It

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A Massachusetts man pleaded guilty in December for leaving a message on a FBI site that he was going to kill President Obama and that he had a “really good plan.” Andrew O’Keefe signed the message with his social security number. Two days later, the FBI showed up at his front door. O’Keefe had hundreds of weapons in his home and vehicle.

The man was sentenced on Thursday with time served and five years of supervision. While most of us think the man definitely deserved some sort of time, Trumpsters are hitting the damn roof.  They cannot comprehend why celebrities who say anything negative of their beloved aren’t held to the same standards as a mentally ill man.

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1. Madonna spoke at a protest and her quote was taken out of context.
2. Snoop shot a toy gun at a clown for a video.
3. Neither one said they had a plan to kill a president on any FBI site.

Well, Peter and Richard, I give you two names: Dominic Puopolo and Zachary Benson. Both men ACTUALLY threatened the BLOTUS and are serving time.

What’s total bullshit is not knowing the difference between Rome and roam.

And this is the best name they could come up with for Snoop. They really love a “good” play on words, don’t they? Libtards, Killary, Obummer, snowflakes… I could go on, but the stupidity is killing me.

I have a perfect name for these fools: hypocrites. They want us to dismiss celebrities who speak out against Trump but take them seriously at the same time. It can’t be both, guys. While they freak out over two people they normally couldn’t give two shits about, they totally ignore actual threats being made against THEIR president.

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