Lou Dobbs Claims Obama Is ‘Shadowing’ Trump And Trying To ‘Subvert’ Him On World Stage

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It would appear that in the eyes of Fox News, former President Obama just can’t do anything right. When he took some time off for a well-deserved respite just after leaving office, they portrayed him as “out of touch.” When he traveled to Germany to meet with Angela Merkel to speak at a celebration of the Protestant Churh’s 500th anniversary, they questioned his motives. When Obama and family were recently spotted *gasp* vacationing at a private resort—the right-wing faux news organization labeled the trip “luxurious” and insinuated that the Obamas were trying to become part of “the fabled 1%.”

Ironically, the sitting president who they can’t stop drooling over is already part of the 1% has probably taken more vacations since taking office than the Obamas have since leaving–and at some of the most “luxurious” places in the country. Of course, the right-wing news organization is not reporting on THOSE vacations.

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In Fox’s latest crazy conspiracy theory against the Obama family, host Lou Dobbs is now theorizing that Barack Obama is purposely following Trump around the world to make him look bad. On the most recent episode of his show, Dobbs claims:

Mr. Obama has even embarked on a world tour that appears to be clearly organized to mirror, to shadow President Trump’s meetings with foreign leaders.. The former president’s shadowing of President Trump is appalling, and so is the silence of the national left-wing media.

The truth of the matter is that Mr. Trump is systematically making a fool out of himself and the U.S. every time he visits or speaks with a foreign dignitary. Mr. Dobbs and Fox News need someone to blame, so they are falling back on their old reliable scapegoat, Barack Obama. Thanks, Obama!

Dobbs goes on to rail against the unfairness of Obama’s alleged actions to subvert Mr. Trump, calling them “offensive and aggressive.” Says Dobbs,

..there’s been not one Dem[ocrat] with sufficient integrity to protest the offensive and aggressive acts of a former president, who is now only extending his presidential record of failure through these disgusting efforts to subvert President Trump and his administration.

It would appear Mr. Dobbs is unaware that as a former president and private citizen, how Mr. Obama chooses to spend his time is none of anyone’s d*mn business.

This seems like a desperate attempt by the right to continue to play the victim even though they control the White House, Senate, and the House. Sorry, Mr. Dobbs, et., al–but blaming everything on Obama, or Clinton’s emails, or the “Democrats” is no longer plausible–especially when YOUR president that YOU elected is spending the majority of his time golfing, lounging at one of his many luxurious clubs, or “offensively and aggressively” berating his imagined enemies on Twitter like an angsty teenager.

It looks like you are going to have to find a different enemy to blame the nation’s troubles on. If you are at a loss for who, please feel free to contact us. We may have a suggestion or two for you.

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