Jeffrey Lord Reaches New Low, Blames Ariana Grande For Manchester Attack

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According to resident Trump ass-licker Jeffrey Lord, Ariana Grande  is to blame for the Manchester terrorist attacks. The political commentator also decided to place partial blame on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, while he was at it. This occurred in an interview on Anderson 360, where Lord went to extreme lengths to defend the Cheeto-in-Chief after he mocked Khan on Twitter for his response to the horrific attacks in London.

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These tweets appeared after an official statement made by Khan when referring to the increased police presence after the attacks. Of course, Trump decided to take the quote out of context and then splash his idiocy on Twitter. He doesn’t even have the decency to  see why people were so upset about his ridiculous Twitter rants.

Anderson Cooper asked Lord if it would be fair if Trump had tweeted to Ariana Grande about increasing the security at her concert. Lord then went on to disgust all of us by saying:

“Sure,” Lord responded. “What you’re trying to illustrate is there is a serious problem here and we have collectively in this world not taken this serious enough and people are getting killed.”

Well, interestingly enough, venues and not the artists who are performing are usually responsible for security, so Grande had nothing whatsoever to do with that attack. And, actually there are countries, like Great Britain, who have taken this seriously and are doing what they can in prevention and preparation by enforcing strict gun laws.

This bizarre interview continued:

‘If the PM of Pakistan had attacked Rudy Giuliani for not providing safety for the people of New York City, that would be fine with you?,’ Cooper shot back. ‘You think Rudy Giuliani is to blame?’

‘Yes,’ Lord said. ‘The buck stops here, as Harry Truman said.’
And we have apparently entered The Twilight Zone! Lord cleverly saying (snort), that every world leader or leader of a city is responsible for terrorist attacks, not the actual terrorists themselves. Cue the music! Or perhaps this was a reference to Khan being Muslim?

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In the end, yet another Trump supporter made a nonsensical argument because he’s brainwashed. Go ‘Murica!

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