LOLz Alert: Stormfront Nazi Meeting Disrupted By Hecklers

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In Crossfire, Tennessee on Saturday, some neo-nazis held a conference at Cumberland Mountain State Park. About 30 white supremacists from the Stormfront Nazi internet forum met up to discuss some important racist stuff. However, their conference was interrupted by peaceful protestors in the parking lot. The protestors chanted and played drums because, well, bigots don’t know what to do with peace and that really pisses them off. Even peaceful people like pissing off Nazis.

The organizers had been planning to meet up in Tennessee for quite a while and tried to be secretive about the location. An organizer was hopeful that event would attract a “couple hundred” bigots. However, like Trump, white supremacists often inflate their numbers, even projected ones. Only 30 people actually showed up to have some fellowship time with other racists.

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In addition to the small turnout, the group’s reservation to Beef and Barrel was canceled. Being a naturally angry group, adding the hunger factor caused the Nazis to raise a little hell in the parking lot of the restaurant. The local police were called, the Nazis were barred and they had to reconvene at a nearby Shoney’s. To be fair, Shoney’s breakfast buffet is a breakfast lover’s dream. How can you stay angry with a belly full of bacon?

When they finally arrived at the park, protestors met them in the parking lot. Park rangers were nearby to keep an idea on the clashing groups. The protestors were peaceful but heckled the hell out of the neo-Nazis. The Nazis showed off their swastikas and strutted proudly in their white skin. They hurled the typical racist slogans back at the protestors. It was a total sh*t show.

Later in the day, an innocent wedding party in the park found themselves close to the white supremacists and protestors. Although park rangers could not kick the racists out of the park, they did ask them to lay off the megaphone out of respect for the wedding. The neo-Nazis actually showed some respect and quit using their megaphone during the wedding and reception, dousing their already dwindling fire.

According to Eric Ward, the communications director for Tennessee’s Department of Environment and Conservation, Tennessee state parks are lawfully required to provide public facilities to individuals and groups regardless of their beliefs. No one is asked what group they are with when making reservations.

And the law that protects the Nazis also protects their hecklers. Stormfront’s plans of a YUGE conference were seemingly destined to fail. Sometimes, Karma is swift and immediate. That appears to be the case in Tennessee this weekend. The hardcore Nazis are undeterred, though. They are already planning their next “secret” conference. They are certain it will be a larger success than this weekend’s failure. Good luck with that.

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