Let’s All Remember That One Time Mike Pence Wasn’t A Piece Of Sh*t Bigot (IMAGE)

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Early on in the 2016 presidential campaign the Great Orange Giant started talking about banning all Muslims from the country. At the time his suggestion was so outrageous even establishment Republicans bigots began speaking out against it and one of those was Trump’s very own vice president, Mike Pence.

On December 18, 2015 Pence tweeted out his opinions of the proposed ban:

A little over a year later Pence stood behind his daddy and applauded him as he signed a ban exactly like the one he condemned. In that moment he proved that his allegiance is not to our Constitution or the country it was elected to serve, instead it is to Trump. The rest of the GOP is no different. In the short time that Trump has been president, the Republican Party has proven once and for all that they have no backbones. What’s worse is that they have no shown us all that they have absolutely no respect for this country or the values it was founded upon. That is, perhaps, the biggest shame of all.




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