Let’s All Point And Laugh At Mitch McConnell For This Bigly Nugget Of Friday Afternoon Stupidity (VIDEO)

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Shouldn’t everyone just shut up and let the President do what he wants? He did win, after all.

That’s what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thinks we should do. In a Friday press conference, the man Jon Stewart once invited to prove he wasn’t a turtle came out of his shell long enough to whine about Democrats a little and regurgitate some GOP talking points about progress so far during this administration. He eventually got around to taking questions from reporters, but not before he dropped this gem:

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I hope the other side will accept the results of last year’s election [and] allow the administration to get fully staffed and ready to go. But the desire, I guess, to play to the, uh, to the far left has been a consuming passion for them so far.

I hope, dear readers, that you have been following Mitch for his 32 long years in the Senate. If you haven’t been around that long, I hope you know some of Mitch’s history. At the very least, maybe you’re familiar with Mitch’s greatest hits from the Obama era, like “One Term President”,”Obstruct, Baby, Obstruct,” and “It’s Our Only Job,” available on 78 RPM vinyl in the congressional records office.

In college, Addison “Mitch” Mitchell McConnell Jr. wrote his culminating thesis on Henry Clay, “The Great Compromiser” famous for brokering the deal in 1850 that finally ended a four-year standoff in Congress over territory acquired in the Mexican-American War. In fact, Mitch was relatively famous for the same sort of talent in the Senate, forging alliances even with staunch Democrats like Joe Biden. Maybe that was holdover sentiment from when he started out in Kentucky, courting labor groups and other political allies he might now refer to as The Far Left.

But that’s not the Mitch we know now. This Mitch McConnell seriously just spent the last eight years doing literally everything possible to keep the democratically-elected President from doing his job, from seating his appointees, and probably from picking out his own ties; who knows what kind of stupid arcane rule he might decide governs appropriate attire for a Joint Session of Congress? This Mitch McConnell — you know, the guy who just cited a rule he breaks with more regularity than a tortoise eats roughage to force Elizabeth Warren to sit down and shut up — is a hypocrite First Class. He’s a Four Star Hypocrite. Perhaps he’s shooting for the Hypocritical Medal of Honor.

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As for his hypocrisy on Trump nominations? McConnell couldn’t be further from the truth:

In fact, this historical distinction belongs to the Cabinet of President Obama, due to the obstruction of one Mitch McConnell.

You can watch the relevant clip here:

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  1. After 32 years, this man absolutely must go! A president can’t serve more than 8 years so that the position doesn’t get “stale” so to speak, but this senator can serve 32 years! It’s insane. And this man’s brain has turned to prunes, and spits out a lot of “sh–ty” nonsense. What he did the last 8 years was criminal, because he refused to do his job. He’s a total idiot.

    • You’re absolutely right! And to think we could have had Ashley Judd in that seat, bringing some class to Kentucky in the Senate, instead of his turtle-looking @ss…

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