Kelly Anne Conway uses Fox News to sell Ivanka Trump’s Junk

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As normal business practice, a department store chain evaluates the sales figures of the different fashion lines it carries, and sometimes decides to scale back or drop one. A handful of other retailers follow suit. No big deal, unless a particular line is owned by the daughter of the Petulant Child in Chief.

Trump, who would take a groundhog passing gas in one of his golf courses as a personal attack, is beside himself with fury over Nordstrom’s decision to let Ivanka Trump’s line fade to last year’s fashion. He’s ranted about it on Twitter. He’s gotten Sean Spicer to try to clarify how just horrible it is that upper middle-class women can’t buy Ivanka line clothes at the mall.

Trump decide to let a woman defend his daughter’s honor in his stead, sending his token set of ovaries, Kellyanne Conway, to promote the clothing line:

Go buy Ivanka’s stuff, is what I would tell you,” Conway said. “I’m going to give a free commercial here: Go buy it today, everybody.

The wording of that statement hints at the hand of Trump manipulating the words of his female marionette. For a free commercial, Trump got what he paid for: a sales pitch worse than those as seen on TV ads.

It’s not that hard to find a retailer that carries Ivanka’s fashion line. There are lots of stores who carry her items not made in the US, including Walmart. So anyone who wants it is not going to have any problem finding an Ivanka Trump product on the shelf of a department store or online.

What is at question is how many average shoppers even knew Ivanka Trump had a clothing line until Daddy ran for president. It’s a private label; one of thousands out there. There is nothing special about what it offers, other than its connection to an overgrown blowfish.

Then there is the biggest puzzle of all. Why is Ivanka Trump herself completely silent about what has her father so hot and bothered?

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