Joe Manchin Blames His Grandparents After Sexist Comment (Video)

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West Virginia’s favorite DINO, Joe Manchin, held a town hall meeting in Parkersburg, WV today. He was there to discuss healthcare, Planned Parenthood and job growth. This was a very anticipated town hall for many voters in the area.

When he was asked by a local reporter about his voting history on certain issues (*cough* Sessions and Gorsuch *cough*) he responded,

I’m not going to vote for something just because I’m a Democrat. That it’s something a Democrat wants me to vote for. I’m not going to vote against something just because you’re a Republican and I’m supposed to be against you. That’s not who I am.

He isn’t lying. This man was the ONLY Democrat who supported Sessions. Because of Joe Manchin, the vote was tied and now Jeffy is snug in his Attorney General position. He also voted for Gorsuch. A DINO has to do what a DINO has to do. Joe would probably argue that he’s a conservative Democrat, but I scoff at that assertion.

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In fact, when the reporter asked him about his pro-life stance, he answered that he was brought up in a community that valued the sanctity of life and that he watched his grandmother intervene. Whatever that means. All I really got from the answer was that the man cannot think for himself.

During the actual town hall, Manchin was discussing Planned Parenthood and federal funds. After he defined the Hyde Amendment, which specifies that the government will only pay for abortion to save the life of the woman, an audience member, in her black pussy hat yelled out, “It pays for their healthcare!”

Ole Joe interrupted her to say, “I know, honey, I know. I understand.” After some murmuring from the crowd, Manchin apologized for calling her honey with the excuse that his grandfather called everyone honey. I don’t give two shits what his grandfather called people, you do not call an angry woman wearing a pussy hat ‘honey’ – under any circumstance. EVER.

Watch Manchin blame his grandfather for calling a grown woman honey and then take it back.

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