Joe Biden Rips Trump To Shreds In Brutal NYT Op-Ed

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Joe Biden is fed up with Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric. In a scathing op-ed published in the New York Times this morning, Biden destroys Trump’s nationalist and exclusionary foreign and immigration policies while reminding us of what an educated and well-spoken politician putting words together in fully formed and intelligible sentences sounds like.

Biden’s piece is so well-written, it is almost as if he is trolling Trump’s inability to use big grown up words.

Biden recalls the United States’ long history of standing up for our countries’ belief that every human being has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—both at home and abroad. Says Biden:

American democracy is rooted in the belief that every man, woman and child has equal rights to freedom and dignity. [A]round the world, other nations follow our lead because they know that America does not simply protect its own interests, but tries to advance the aspirations of all.

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According to Biden, Donald Trump’s many statements implying that a “great” America means that we must stop supporting others in the world—an “us vs. them” mentality—is dangerous in our current global economy. And Trump’s inexplicable habit of shunning countries that have traditionally been our strongest allies while colluding with leaders such as Vladimir Putin is not just dangerous, it is downright idiotic. Biden states:

President Trump keeps longstanding allies such as Germany at arm’s length, while expressing admiration for autocrats like Vladimir V. Putin who thwart democratic institutions. Rather than building from a narrative of freedom and democracy that inspires nations to rally together, this White House casts global affairs as a zero-sum competition — for the United States to succeed, others must lose. Among the many problems that plague the Trump administration’s foreign policy, this line of thinking is perhaps the most disturbing.

Biden goes on to call out Mr. Trump’s atrocious defense of white nationalist groups after the violence in Charlottesville, calling Trump’s response “shameful” and stating that his remarks “further abnegated America’s moral leadership.” Biden then writes,

Not since the Jim Crow era has an American president so misunderstood and misrepresented our values.

Well said, Mr. Biden.

Unfortunately for America, there is a small but very vocal minority whose values this idiot does represent. We would like to hold out hope that Trump and his gang of ignorant racist followers do not represent the viewpoint of the majority of Republicans, but it is becoming difficult to hang on to that hope when so few of them are willing to stand up and speak out against this insane administration.

As much as we would like to agree with Mr. Biden that America is a country that values inclusiveness and equality for all, it is looking more and more like it is not.

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