Jeff Sessions Is So Nervous He Can’t Read His Own Testimony

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Today is the day that Attorney General Jeff Sessions takes the stand in his testimony about the Russia scandal. One immediate, visible difference between Sessions and Comey on the stand goes well beyond stature: Jeff Sessions is nervous AF and we can tell. The man read over his badly-written testimony stumbling over every other word like a nervous middle-schooler presenting a terrible science project that was thrown together the night before.

Comey was confident. Comey knew exactly what he had said to Trump; when, where, what time. He did not have to refer to any pre-written notes to jog his memory. Comey was prepared.

There were instances when Sessions read his supposed responses to people like Trump and Franken like he was seeing them for the first time. His attempts to sound indignant came off sounding like a very bad actor in an equally bad play.

His delivery totally makes him seem truthful. *eye roll*

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