Ivanka’s New Position Is As Useless As The Idiots Who Think She Deserves It

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Ivanka Trump has a new office in the West Wing. Her official title, you ask? There is none, unless we go with ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’. Since Herr Trump took office, she has been seen at the White House alongside her husband, Jared, who already has an adviser title, so this isn’t really a shocking announcement.

Jamie Gorelick, Ivanka’s attorney, stated on Monday,

The first daughter will not have an official title, but will get a West Wing office, government-issued communications devices and security clearance to access classified information.

Many people have questions about the ethics of this situation, especially considering that Ivanka is still involved in Trump’s business interests. She insists that she has distanced herself from family business, as well as her brand. Whatever.

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Right Wing News ran this story and their readers couldn’t be more pleased, which is predictable. Keep in mind, if this had been Hillary appointing Chelsea to an unofficial office they would burn down the West Wing.

Evelyn has no idea what the hell she’s talking about. I want to know how Obama destroyed this country. Please show me numbers and graphs. Honestly, though, this is so typical. When in doubt, blame Obama.

I am completely confused about this hornets’ nest with a wasp in it metaphor. Are wasps worse than hornets? I really don’t know my bees. Does he mean WASP, as in Trump? And how in the HELL is Ivanka flushing anything if she has no power?

First – it’s HILLARY.
Second – the “but Obama” assholes are out of hand.
Third – Hillary said her supporters would believe anything? Trump said he could shoot a person and still get votes. And how many lies have we already caught Trump spouting? Your argument is null. Step away from me, Lesa.

It’s called nepotism. It’s generally frowned upon.

By class, do they mean white?

Can someone PLEASE tell me what beauty has to do with capability?

This Trump supporter was the ONLY one who has a shred of hope. Objectivity is a start.

What makes this woman qualified to hold this non-existent title  and have access to classified information? This just feels wrong to the core. The “but Obama” excuse is not cutting it – family should be held to the same scrutiny as anyone with an office in the White House.

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  1. Ivanka is a strong, intelligent, business savvy woman, yet liberal have to trash her, Yet while doing so, the mentally challenged believe Chelsea Clinton deserves a lifetime achievement award ??? LOL, for what ? Ivanka could make Chelsea look like the clueless coddled do nothing rich b@tch she is.

  2. Ron – you are a complete and utter fool. Ivanka is proof that the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the garbage tree. She uses Chinese and Vietnamese sweatshops to churn out trashy versions of designs that she’s stolen from other people and put her name on them which she is being and has been sued. She would be nothing without her granddad’s money (same as the ConMan) who paid her way into business school and for her plastic surgery. Chelsea on the other hand has done mission work and foreign aide to the countries that the ConMan in Chief and his family steal from. She attended Stanford, Oxford and Columbia. Chelsea travels to countries to administer live saving medicines and supplies – Ivanka travels to pal around with Putin’s mistress.

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