Ivanka Tries To Praise Her Dad, Gets Absolutely Savaged On Twitter

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When Donald Trump announced that he was going to make his eldest daughter, Ivanka, part of his administration some people thought she was going to bring a more liberal voice to the White House. However, it is now months into his presidency and she has done no such thing. While the White House has made a big show of how much she supports working women, every time she has the opportunity to defend the various women her father has attacked she has stayed silent. When he father proposed a ban on transgender military members, she has stayed silent. Time and again she has stayed silent as her father proves what a horrible person he is, but she has absolutely no problem heaping undeserving praise on him. And on Friday, that is exactly what she did:

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Her ridiculous pat on daddy’s back did not sit well with Americans who wondered where the fuck she was when he was abusing people and hundreds and hundreds of people let her know just how despicable she is:

Ivanka does not soften her father’s image. She is just the beautiful face being presented to fool America.

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