If You’re A Nazi, Don’t Bother Coming Home For Thanksgiving

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A recent open letter from Peter Tefft’s family has been published, denouncing his beliefs and disowning his racist ass. The younger Tefft was recently interviewed on national television in Charlottesville, VA spouting his racist bullshit and very apparently shaming his family.

Written by Pearce Tefft, but said to represent the whole family, the elder Tefft immediately disabuses the reader of the idea that Peter learned any of his beliefs at home, saying:

I have shared my home and hearth with friends and acquaintances of every race, gender and creed. I have taught all of my children that all men and women are created equal. That we must love each other all the same.

His dad sounds completely heartbroken, you have to feel for the man. What the hell is wrong with his son?

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Pearce Tefft went on to say:

Evidently Peter has chosen to unlearn these lessons, much to my and his family’s heartbreak and distress. We have been silent up until now, but now we see that this was a mistake. It was the silence of good people that allowed the Nazis to flourish the first time around, and it is the silence of good people that is allowing them to flourish now.

He’s not wrong. Many German families were silent during the horrors of WWII. It’s an awful trend that has happened far too many times throughout history. It’s easier to look the way and stay out of trouble yourself.

Peter Tefft, my son, is not welcome at our family gatherings any longer. I pray my prodigal son will renounce his hateful beliefs and return home. Then and only then will I lay out the feast.

I feel like this was very much a last ditch effort on his family’s part to get him to come home and renounce every hateful thing he has spouted. I don’t think he will – some people will never listen to others when there are differences of opinion.

It makes you wonder how a religion that revolves around a man who accepted everyone in society, from the lepers to the outcasts to the homosexuals to the prostitutes, could produce people who insist that anyone who is not white (Jesus was from the Middle East, so he definitely wasn’t white) is therefore less. Anyone who isn’t a straight Christian is dirt in their eyes.

His hateful opinions are bringing hateful rhetoric to his siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews as well as his parents. Why must we be guilty by association? Again, none of his beliefs were learned at home. We do not, never have, and never will, accept his twisted worldview.

No family is perfect, but the hell this one is going through makes me very glad for mine.

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