If You Want To Expose Trump, Dig Into His Divorce Papers

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Our newly elected President has still not released those promised tax returns to the public and in today’s press conference, Trump claimed that there’s not that much information in a tax return anyway. But to the contrary, a tax return would immediately identify all of Trump’s income oriented sources and show his gains and losses to various entities; a useful tool for seeing if he were beholden to foreign powers and gauging his ability to be president.

Although every President since Nixon has voluntarily released his tax returns to the public, clearly Trump is not going to keep his campaign promise to do so. Instead of trying to shame the shameless president-elect into releasing them, a smarter approach for us would be to focus upon Trump’s various divorce filings from his past wives, Ivana and Marla. After all, a prospective wife should always have lunch with the first wife before taking that stroll down the aisle. Ivana and Marla’s past legal battles with Trump could be the lunch date equivalent for the United States.

A tax return will show what Trump has purchased and sold in the tax year.  A divorce decree will show what he owned, but will also likely show where the money came from to start with. A tax return will show what Trump claimed as losses during the year. A divorce decree will likely reveal the story behind those losses and could contain findings regarding financial misconduct. The collateral issues in a divorce, including spousal support modifications, anti-nuptial agreements and business evaluations would show evidence of origin, value and who did what with each asset. All of this would be invaluable in discerning what is truly in Trump’s heart.

And these are only the financial records. “Cruel and Inhumane treatment” against Ivana constituted the grounds for her divorce from Trump. Her claim that he raped her and pulled out her hair in response to his disappointment with a plastic surgeon’s work on his own hair implants could yield similarities to allegations by other women who have claimed assault by Trump. Since Ivana never fully repudiated the allegation, and only claimed it was not meant in the criminal sense, it seems fair game.

Unfortunately, the New York Times attempted to unseal the divorce records prior to the election and failed. The argument that the public had a right to vet a political candidate was insufficient, according to a New York judge. So, now, we have a President-Elect facing unprecedented conflicts-of-interest and disturbing allegations of assault and abuse. Trump continues to nimbly dart behind the privacy laws to shield America from learning of his financial interests and tirades against, well, everybody. Law enforcement at least should have limited access to curtail Trump’s use and abuse of laws never intended to shield his shenanigans.

In the meantime, we can always wait for Putin to get tired of his new toy and release all of the compromising material he has on Trump.

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