Idiotic Claims About Slavery And The Irish

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One of the biggest myths used by racist bigots, to justify slavery of course, claims that black slaves came much later than the Irish indentured servants slaves. They always point to an article from Global Research as the complete truth of the matter as well, and will not even listen to conflicting evidence at all. There is nothing more intolerable to insufferable morons, especially on social media sites like Facebook, than evidence that nullifies their “strongest” viewpoints.

That is what makes it so difficult to find out accurate information because everything points back to only the one article from which Global Research got its information, and there is hardly any real evidence about Irish slaves servants.

A majority of the Facebook posts and other articles written by people regarding slavery mainly reference one blog by Michael A. Hoffman II, which is full of claims but no reference citations to back it up. This revisionist historian, who is also a Holocaust Denier, is the one who set the extremely poor example by avoiding citations and his idiotic acolytes bitterly cling to that model.

Raw Story reported:

Liam Hogan, a research librarian at the Limerick City Library, set about debunking the myth after spotting a widely shared Global Research article in 2013 and realized its potential for misinformation, reported Hatewatch.

“It was quite clear to me then that many would never engage with the history of the transatlantic slave trade when they had this false equivalence to fall back on,” Hogan told the website. “I think that’s what convinced me that I needed to put the record straight.”

The myth essentially equates indentured or penal servitude with racialized perpetual hereditary chattel slavery, Hogan said.

The one thing that is not heard is the actual fact that most all of the Irish slaves were basically political prisoners of the time, and sold into slavery to get rid of a troublesome element for the English, who had been trying to control Ireland for a long period of time. Control which was all about trying to prevent an enemy from using it to attack England. This is reported to have all occurred in the 1600’s to the mid 1700’s time period.

Although there don’t seem to be any kind of record keeping regarding the Irish slaves, it is claimed that they first arrived in South America around the year 1612. That’s a conservatives wet dream right there to just take a claim and tout it as complete truth, all without trying to verify it. Contrast that with the extensive records regarding the black slaves, who were basically nothing more than cattle to their owners.

On social media, there are plenty of memes that are constantly shared which are just chock full of misinformation and bullshit on the topic of slavery. Especially when it comes to the racists favorite talking points about:

  • how blacks are lazy savages only begging for handouts, and/or refusing to work
  • how “Whites” are able to rise up out of any bad situation while “N****rs” just sit around and whine
  • how “Whites” have had it so much worse than anyone else

Examples such as:



As you can tell, such memes completely appeal to racist bigots in their attempts to justify their abhorrent views and prejudices, and apparently forget all about what they were taught about slavery in school.

Adding to this mix is the 1640 Barbados Slave Code, that was provided in detail by 1661, which became the basis for the treatment of slaves and colony law. The Irish were referred to as servants while the blacks were just slaves. That doesn’t mean the Irish had it any easier than the blacks, as most of the Irish didn’t live long enough to serve out their “contract.” At least this is what I was taught when I went to school in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s, but I keep forgetting that history is continually whitewashed over so that none of the bad things we have done are learned about anymore.

Barbados Slave Code:

  • set of rules that governed all slaves
  • originally created in Barbados
  • adopted in colonies as governing rules shortly after creation
  • allowed for beatings, protocol for escapees and other rules
  • the master had complete control over the slave
  • “if any negro or slave whatsoever shall offer any violence to any Christian by striking or the like, such negro or slave shall for his or her first offense be severely whipped by the Constable.”

Another really barbaric law from 1661 allowed anyone, including the Irish servants, in the colony to kill a black slave caught stealing. The slave’s owner would be compensated with money while the killer was rewarded with sugar, apparently a valuable commodity at the time. I would imagine this to have been a lucrative opportunity for the unscrupulous characters of those days.

The bigots want to use false equivalence maneuvers to feel better about their own miserable existence, make themselves look superior, and to depict non whites as inferior garbage that isn’t even worth a halfpenny.

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