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Idiot Manchild Trump Plays In A Firetruck Like A F*cking 9-Year-Old

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President Trump got to take a field trip to visit the fire station today as a part of his ridiculous “Made In America” week. Proud mommy, Sean Spicer, was on hand to chaperone and take pictures while the leader of the free world cavorted in a big red fire truck. Also accompanied by Vice-President Mike Pence, the president climbed into the truck and pretended to drive, saying “Where’s the fire?” numerous times and then adding, “Put it out quick!”


What a smart, funny boy! Spicey must be so proud.

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People on Twitter were mostly embarrassed by the president’s antics, commenting on his immature behavior and seeming lack of concern for important issues while he finds time to play in big shiny trucks:


Not to mention the hypocrisy of someone whose family makes YUGE profits manufacturing their products overseas pretending to promote “Made in America.”


Mr. Trump and crew seemed unconcerned with the actual fire that threatens to engulf the White House—Don Jr.’s communication with Russia during the presidential campaign — but Pence and Spicer WERE pretty upset that they did not get a turn in the truck.

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