Hysterical Right Winger: Liberals Are Going To Assassinate Trump’s Supreme Court Pick! (VIDEO)

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Larry Klayman is the founder of Freedom Watch, a very deep right publication. In the last few days, he has been calling for US Marshals to protect Neil Gorsuch. To date, he has made at least one video and tweeted twice to let the public know that Gorsuch needs superior protection. I wondered why he was so adamant about it – it’s almost as though he has a man-crush on the new Supreme Court Justice.

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It just couldn’t be that simple. This man and his readers-followers-subjects think that the Obama administration had Antonin Scalia murdered. They believe that the awful liberals wanted him out to replace him with an extreme “leftist”. I am not current on my Merrick Garland facts, but the right makes him out to be a watered-down version of Satan. Some of Klayman’s Twitter followers discussed how curious it is that Scalia’s family never called for an autopsy, and contended that his death was “mysterious”. I have heard rumors (*cough* Auto-erotic asphyxia *cough*), but does it not occur to these idiots that the man was 80 and overweight?

According to Klayman,

He was mysteriously found in his hotel room with a pillow over his head. Now, coincidence or not, it was very opportune for President Obama at the time to try to then appoint a replacement, a leftist replacement, by the name of Merrick Garland … There’s so much hatred that’s being whipped up against President Trump and, of course, there’s a resentment that Merrick Garland .. did not make it to become a Supreme Court justice. I urge the US Marshal service and everyone around new justice Neil Gorsuch to protect him because he’s at risk.

He goes on to talk about The Pelican Brief (a book about the assassination of Supreme Court Justices), hatred of Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter and calls himself The Modern-day Batman. This man is scarily out there. Take a look at the video he released regarding Neil Gorsuch. I think you will find him as enlightening as I did.

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