Hungry Texas Rep Bribes His Committee With Pork — Sausage, That Is

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Texas Tea Party Republican Joe Barton doesn’t mess around with bribes. When it comes to attempting to influence votes with immoral and unethical offers of quid pro quo, Barton goes straight for the stomach: Waffle House.

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Some members of Congress might promise earmarks, friendly future votes, or even actual checks from lobbyists right there on the floor of the House. Not Barton. The Chair of Energy and Commerce, sick of the markup process for Trumpcare, the replacement for the Affordable Care Act that Republicans are desperate to get rid of, tried his best not to sound whiny as he complained about the time and offered his prize.

The chair would point out that it’s dawn. If the minority would be willing to move all of their amendments in block and accept a ‘no’ vote on a voice vote, and if the majority would accept the Barton-Blackburn-Hudson amendment, we could end this and I will buy Waffle House for everybody in the committee.

If Congress can be bought for the low price of an All-Star Special Texas Bacon Egg ‘n Cheese Melt, I might just get into lobbying.

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Watch Barton’s comments here:

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