Hundreds Of Thousands March All Over America To Protest Trump’s Muslim Ban

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Trump would love the crowd size outside his hotel in DC. The message, not so much.

From Union Station to the hotel, crowds have taken to the street to protest Trump’s illegal “Muslim ban:”

Thousands of American people went marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in full view of the Trump regime, challenging the unconstitutional attack on civil rights:

Chanting over and over “No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” Loud enough to shiver the crystal chandeliers in the hotel, and echo through the halls of the White House:

A wall of American protest, you can’t alt-fact these numbers, or their message to the White House or the world:

We will NOT go away! Welcome to your everyday! A promise from the American people to the White House.

And it’s not just Washington D.C. It’s happening in New York City:




And all over the country:

Regular Americans are standing up for total strangers to fight for their rights. Now, if only our elected officials would show as much spine.

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  1. Complete cred to Justin Rosario for finishing this article,on his day off, because my computer threw itself off a cliff in mid-edit. Given all the TrumpScheisse it’s had to process lately I can’t really blame it. Thanks Justin for pulling this cowboy’s beans out of the fire.

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