How To Write 2600 Words Just To Claim Hillary Won Because She’s Got a Vagina

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Seriously, The Bernie Bubble is starting to overflow with pure bullshit. I stumbled across this article on my timeline and thought, “This is will either be kind of interesting or more whining.” But hope springs eternal so I popped open “The Psychology of Why Hillary Clinton Supporters are Still So Angry at Bernie Sanders.” 

15 minutes later, I’m banging my head on my desk at the the complete lack of self-awareness and, yes, sexism, of the author, Shane Ryan.

The article is the typical Bernie Bubble complaint about Hillary just not being progressive enough but it had a more or less accurate description of the gamble Bernie took (and lost) by withholding his endorsement. It went off the rails here:

What it means is that if you support the party establishment, you also support fracking, carbon emissions, free trade, an aggressive Israeli state, and limited health care—at least in the sense that you’ve vowed not to fight against any of these things

Right. And that means that all Bernie supporters are against the Brady Bill because Bernie voted against it. I’ve been assured, however, that is not true and I should go fuck myself for saying it because Bernie’s remaining (and fast dwindling) supporters are raging hypocrites.

I’m not going to get into this again in full but anyone who thinks they have to support 100% of a candidates’ positions is ignorant of real world politics and should be able to answer why they’re exempt from this metric of liberal purity (Hint: They can’t).

Ryan spends a little time bashing the evil biased corporate media blablabla and then we get to the 10 reasons that Hillary supporters are angry with Bernie. Most of it is accusation of not being “real” liberals or that they’re compromising or suffering from cognitive dissonance and more blablabla. But points number 2 and 4 give away the entire game:

2. These progressive voters seized on Clinton’s candidacy based largely on identity politics. They wanted a female president, and the emergence of Sanders’ candidacy was a complicating nuisance, coming after they’d committed ideologically.

4. On some level, they recognized that their politics were more closely aligned with Bernie. Nevertheless, identity politics kept them in Clinton’s camp.

Got that? We Hillary supporters wanted a female president and….well, that’s it. No mention of her decades of experience, her lengthy list of accomplishments, nothing. She’s a woman so that’s why she’s winning. Hilariously, Ryan even manages to claim Hillary supporters made up Bernie Bro sexism in the very next point as a way to “justify” supporting Hillary while being unbelievably sexist himself..

I could go into a 2600 word explanation of why I think know Hillary will be able to get more done in 4 years than Bernie could if he had 20 years but it won’t matter. The dwindling dregs of the Bernie Bubble are so deep in the grip of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, they would never understand what I was talking about, anyway.

And that’s perfectly fine. The longer they go on, they more wrapped up in their victim-hood they’ll become and the more they’ll forget to pretend they’re not sexist douchebags and closet racists (go ask them why Bernie lost so badly among minority voters, you won’t believe how ugly it gets). The self-marginalization of Bernie’s fading movement is well underway and accelerating. I’m just here to witness and record.

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