Houston Gets A Gay Pride Crosswalk And Conservative Media Loses Its Mind

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On Saturday, a neighborhood in Houston had the first rainbow-themed, gay pride crosswalk painted in the entire state. Montrose is described as one of Houston’s most colorful neighborhoods. It now proudly hosts a new symbol of pride and acceptance at all four segments of Westheimer and Taft. The location was chosen, in part, in memory of Alex Hill, 21, who was killed at that intersection in 2016 after another man failed to stop.

The effort was the initiative of Pride Houston, the local, organized LGBTQ community. Together with allies, they raised the $15,000 needed for the project. According to their site, its mission is as follows,

Pride Houston shall work to bring lesbians, gay-men, bisexuals, transgender individuals and allies together to educate the world on issues important to the LGBT community, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture and strive for equality.

Today, uber-conservative sites such as RedFlag News are losing their minds. They posted an article to their home site and social media accounts with the title, LGBTQ Petition Demands Permanent ‘Rainbow Crosswalks’ In Cities Across The CountryWith absolutely no credible sources cited, they write,

Philadelphia and San Francisco already have permanent rainbow crosswalks of their own, and petitions are now also circulating in and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Milwaukee and New York City to install similar crosswalks, all of which would presumably be paid for by tax payers.

You really have to admire the false panic they like to instill in their gullible readers. For one, taxpayers do not pay for the crosswalks, groups like Pride Houston do. Two, the crosswalk in Houston will last approximately four years. Paint does fade, oh false provocateurs. If the extreme indignation these ultra-conservative lemmings didn’t skew their common sense, they would realize that no paint in permanent, especially not on a crosswalk that will see tons of wear and tear.

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As can be expected some people just aren’t happy with inclusion and public displays of acceptance. One would think that they feel as though people with varied lifestyles represent pointed, personal attacks.

Actually, Shirley, I think that would be AMAZING.

Oh. I was not aware all members of the LGBT community were Muslims. Thanks for the info, Dick.

But… wasn’t this particular crosswalk painted during the Trump administration. Oh nevermind…. thanks, Obama.

Nope. I still see rainbows for what they are: phenomena caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets. You know, that evil sciency shit.

And there you have it: ignorance begets ignorance and poor spelling. Leave it to an unfortunately large group of people who believe alternative facts with no supporting evidence to envision a New World Order overseen by the…  *gasp*… gays. Personally, I think it may be more fun, but that’s just me.

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